AMMA Associates provides free consultation to clients in regards to their suspicions and concerns regarding the effects of exposure to spurious RF or covert, unknown potential surveillance  frequencies and phenomenon.

We consult in several ways. Along with providing a consultation on the prospect of surveillance or EMR and the on-site services and costs, we provide consultation and assistance in doing your own EMR and RF analysis that includes the simple low cost options and tools, up to sophisticated equipment based upon experience and hands on evaluation knowledge of equipment available.

If you think you can buy a two hundred dollar gimmick off Amazon or ebay and effectively find the sources of your problems you will end up greatly disappointed.  There are more useless and false advertising with these devices than you can shake a stick at. They are geared to select cellular and WiFi frequencies and gap major bandwidths and RF ranges used by professional eavesdroppers and covert band transmitters and commercial frequencies.
AMMA Associates covers the spectrum and knows the shortcuts in getting to the heart of the matters that are effecting your health, safety and peace of mind.

Along with the on-site analysis you receive a full reports of findings as well as an advisory summary on simple and needed changes to avoid being victimized in the future.

The state of the art and rapid changes in technology are far exceeding the common sense and more importantly the legal, health and ethical issues associated with greedy corporations looking for a buck at the expense of consumer and public safety. We have a motto here that says you are on your own. You may not even know that research has determined that prolonged cellular and WiFi exposure increases the risk of brain and other associated tumor incidence and children are more at risk than adults.

Years ago it was power lines, but now the EMR is across the spectrum from GPS, Satellite and Wireless technology. It's not just your computers CRT you need to be aware of. Surveillance frequencies in higher ranges are a threat in more ways than one.

With the current state of the economy we know that you need to protect yourself from fraud and theft and protecting yourself from medical issues just as important.  AMMA Associates understands that in order to get these advanced detection services that terms for the services may be necessary. We can discuss those issues as well.

Check with other TSCM firms and get some pricing and details regarding their services and fees and then call AMMA.  If you are impressed with ex- Law Enforcement or FBI, you may need to be educated. Call AMMA before moving forward.
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