Why are we seeing in the increased cases of Cancers, Autism, Alzheimer's and Diabetes?  One can say that it is an assortment of causes.

Why has cancer not declined with the reduction of smokers at an all time low? We can begin to understand the effects of exposure to EMR and RFI in our daily lives and look to the research to come to the conclusion that long term exposure not only causes health issues for adults but for pregnancy and young children in development stages and prepubescents.

Add the pollution, GMO foods, vaccinations and pharmacology and it all combines to create the American economy which is health care.  There are clearly trade-offs to technology, convenience and health. The studies are in the books. If you choose to ignore the research you literally agree to play a Russian Roulette form of gambling with your health.

You have to bypass the FDA, EPA and other agencies who have been proven to be ineffective and incompetent. They may be criminally negligent as well.  The independent studies and researchers have no monetary stake in the truth while the agencies and our government as a whole has consistently bended to the will of their donors and benefactors. That's right, the corporation and wealthiest of people who shape policy and spin the truth.

The German government has recently warned their population to use wired Internet and avoid the WiFi, Wimax and other wireless technologies. Why has the America ignored or underreported these findings? You can determine that based upon our gross domestic product. HEALTHCARE. America is becoming the most obese and sick country in the industrial world and the healthcare system is rapidly changing to reduce treatment while increasing premiums and deductibles. Please educate yourself.
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