Providing Electromagnetic Safety and Security Services

Are you at risk? What are the health concerns and financial repercussions of known and unknown sources of EMR and RF? Understanding these threats can present a challenge to individual and business health. AMMA Consulting has been involved in the science and medical effects for over ten years. Along with the thirty years of data forensics and with the new emerging technologies in communications, we have seen huge strides in the way we live and work, but unfortunately the science of effects has lagged behind.  AMMA has spent ten years involved in the neurological and pathological effects of the Electromagnetic Spectrum and the surveillance aspects of these technologies.

By understanding the available research and current information, you can better protect yourself, family and business by utilizing the consulting and services provided by AMMA and their associates.  Though invisible to the naked eye, the radiation, EM waves, particulate and frequencies have a profound effect on your health and livelihood.  Simple and cost effective counter-measures will pay huge dividends in your long term plan for success and health.

Please review information on this site and understand the potential and current risks facing us in the twenty first century. The Electromagnetic Spectrum is a double edged sword.  Scientific research has proven it yet the media and governmental agencies have ignored it. It is imperative to private business and citizens to understand these risks and take steps to mitigate the threats.

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